Love Hate Social Club

March is quickly approaching and I am excited for the events that are coming along with it.

I am happy to announce that I will be a guest tattooer at Love Hate Social Club in London, UK from March 23rd-27th!

For those of you who will be in London, be sure to get in touch. I am currently taking appointments.

Email me at for appointments and quotes.


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Secret Show


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Reckoning of Time



It was a great pleasure being a part of Reckoning of Time with Robert Ryan! The show was very successful. Thank you to those of you who came out. While the show has ended and all other pieces have gone home to their new owners, the largest painting, “Mystic Field Fire”, is still hanging at the Rising Tide Tattoo Emporium in Boulder, Colorado. If you are in the area, passing through, or just want to check out some art, be sure to stop by!

41" x 41"

41″ x 41″


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Rachel’s Back Tattoo

The full expanse of Rachel’s back tattoo.


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Great to have Ricky from The Lord and the Lion Tattoo Parlour in Fidenza, Italy, working in the studio today!

ricky and hannah

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This summer, NJ tattooer Rich Cahill launched a creative space for guest artists off the back entrance of his private machine shop. Stepping from the workshop into this art space feels like moving into yet another interior room. That is, at least, until your eye catches the stars hanging above the graffitied maze (officially dubbed “The Moon Base” after the first round of artwork appeared to glow in the full moon). The first gang of visiting artists to graffiti on the MB’s open-air, concrete walls included Mike Kuhn, Chris Harford, Chaz Hampton, and Rich himself. Even though each section was rendered by a different hand, the seven sides of the MB feel like a complete work of art.

Check out what the artists had to say about their lunar experiences below.

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Sundays no good for you? I’ll be at NYA an extra three days next month if you’re looking to get tattooed: Monday, 8/18, Tuesday 8/19, and Wednesday 8/20.

Send requests to ASAP if you’re interested!



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