Jem Jr. Vintage Camera

I picked up this cool camera from Modern Love in town. I didn’t even know if it would work or not. It takes the most amazing landscape photos. Its so easy to use. No focusing, just line up your scene and push the lever down and its made in New Jersey!
I will take this with me everywhere and share these images with you.

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  1. Just wanted 2 drop u a line about these amazing flix u took–1 word…ILL!!! Wutz crazy is, my ladyfriend gave me a similar/same camera she inherited from her grandfather–i don’t know if it worx, but shit–i would invest in gettin it repaired if need be just to be able 2 take flix like the onez u took… I’m an artist myself, btw–NOT tattz, but music. I used 2 draw as a kid, started makin music and kinda stopped drawing–i guess I just draw and paint with sound now* However, I started takin pictures as a hobby @19. Started out w/an old Pentax AE1000, and really developed an appreciation 4 photography. Anyways, I just wanted 2 tell how much I like those pix u took and 2 keep up the great work* Can’t w8 2 get goin w/the 1 I’ve got!!! Peace bro*



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